We have over fifteen year’s experience installing durable road markings. We offer both thermoplastic and cold plastic products in this category. These products offer an extended lifespan as compared to regular paint and can be a worthwhile investment to reduce repainting costs, especially in high traffic areas.


AAA Striping is an experienced thermoplastic applicator. We install an average of 200 tonnes of this material each season. Thermoplastic is melted from its solid state and heated to 200°C. It is applied to asphalt in its molten state. As the material cools, it bonds tightly to the asphalt. For increased durability, this material is usually inlaid. We mill a groove into the pavement into which the thermoplastic is applied. This application method results in increased durability against traffic and snow plough wear leading to lengthened life span of the lines. Inlaid thermoplastic can last seven years or even longer. Thermoplastic can also be surface applied.



Cold Plastic

Cold Plastic, also known as Methyl-Methacrylate (MMA), a two Component material that when mixed, cures into a hardened state bonding extremely well to the road surface. It is a highly durable product. The Cold Plastic material we use is solvent free with no toxic heavy metals and is proven to be environmentally friendly. It offers much greater durability over regular traffic paint, reducing the need for repainting.

Additional features of Cold Plastic are that it is skid resistant, unaffected by temperature extremes, and has excellent levels of adhesion on new, oxidized asphalt and concrete. It can also be applied over top of existing cold plastic.

Cold Plastic is commonly used for those road markings that most prone to traffic wear such as directional arrows, stop bars and crosswalk lines. Cold Plastic is most commonly surface applied but it can be inlaid for enhanced durability.



High Visibility Cold Plastic

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional road markings is their low visibility in wet and dark conditions. This is where high visibility cold plastic comes in. Also, known as “wet night”, this product remains highly visible under wet and dark conditions. The cold plastic material is applied using specialized equipment with a textured pattern that allows water to flow in and between the marking. This ensures maximum visibility during the day or night, in either wet or dry conditions.