When a new lay out or roadway design is required it is usually necessary to remove the old road markings. We remove all types of surface markings including paint, thermoplastic and cold plastic whether surface applied or inlaid. AAA Striping offers a wide variety of pavement marking removal solutions.

Our method includes walk behind eradicators, self-propelled ride on eradicators, milling machines, sand blasting, and shot blasting. Our large self-propelled machine is a high-speed eradicator with full flotation design that can remove a 4 to 8-inch wide path in a single pass. This unit can remove lines at high speeds.

Typically, we equip every crew with a walk behind machine just in case our customers have a need to remove and realign traffic lines.

We offer a removal and fill service for those projects that require the removal of thermoplastic or cold plastic line.