AAA Striping does more than just paint lines on our roads and highways. We offer several specialty marking products.

Anti-Skid Surface

Areas that have a high volume of traffic are ideal to install Anti-Skid material. In this way these areas are kept safe and accident free.

When stopping at an intersection or traffic signal, Anti-Skid material is installed in the wheel path to give the motoring public improved traction.

On a tight curve in a road or a steep hill, Anti-Skid material on the road surface enables motorist to more effectively negotiate the area.

Bike/Bus Lane Markings

Bike/Bus Lane markings help to emphasize the fact that the bus or bike lane is different from regular lanes which has a calming effect on road traffic.

One solid color of Red, Blue, or Green, is installed in an entire lane from edge to edge.

The Bus/Bike lane marking is formulated to be non-cracking with an anti-skid surface which provides a high level of grip and traction.

Industrial/Warehouse Floor Markings

Floor markings for Industrial floors, warehouses, tracks, sports hall markings, car parks, etc. utilize a two component epoxy paint that is more durable than standard paint.


    • High mechanical and chemical resistance
    • For hard and flexible sub-surfaces
    • Longer life cycle than regular paint
    • Lowers maintenance costs

Custom Logos for Pavement/Concrete

Installation of custom logos onto a asphalt/ concrete gives a unique look that sets your business apart.

We can create any size, style, color of marking to meet our customers’ needs. Arrows, lettering, logos, and symbols: you name it, we can do it.